Fantasy Live Action Role-playing Entertainment

F.L.A.R.E. an up-and-coming high fantasy, lightest-touch, classless LARP playing in the Greater Cincinnati Area and beyond.

F.L.A.R.E LARP gives players an unprecedented freedom!

With over two dozen playable cultures, more than a hundred spells, and a truly classless system without arbitrary gate-keeping F.L.A.R.E LARP gives you the most flexibility!

Combat is dynamic allowing players to exploit weaknesses and outmaneuver foes letting
teamwork and tactics impact your game in new ways.

Crafting is a pillar of our world; coin alone will not get you everywhere as you gather materials to make what you need to get ahead.

Wield powerful magic that blends into crafting and role-playing with the seven schools of magic, or delve into the power of Rituals to protect you and your friends, or demand answers from the deities themselves.
Role-playing works hand in hand with all other game elements, dedicated crafters may find as much adventure as a hardened warriors, FLARE dedicates itself to having a variety of ways to play so that all players can play how they like and we spend extra effort to draw new players into both small schemes and epic conflicts.

F.L.A.R.E.: light up your imagination! 

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